Buy a Wreath

Each wreath measures 22-24 inches in diameter and is handmade of noble fir boughs, pine cones, holly, and a red bow.

To purchase a wreath for $35, wreath order forms and checks must be received and or purchased online before December 2nd.

Deliveries are made on December 7th: Portland, Salem, Seattle and Tacoma

Deliveries to Eugene are made on December 8th

Please refer to our Pick Up Locations page for details of pick up information.

You must be able to pickup your wreath at one of the pick up locations. When ordering online, please tell us your pickup location.

Buy a Holiday Wreath using your credit card

If you can’t pick up a wreath, but still want to support Mujeres Luchadoras Progresistas, you can make a donation.

If you are making a large online wreath order more than you may also use the make a donation link, input the total amount of your order. You must email us confirming your order and method of payment and pick up location via email at:


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