Christmas Wreath Project

The Christmas Wreath Project began in 1992, and is now a self-sustaining project. The Christmas Wreath project serves as MLP’s primary fundraising activity and provides employment opportunities for over 10 women during the holiday season (October-December).

The wreath project has made a substantial difference in the lives of farmworker women and their families. Since 1992 MLP has been able to provide part-time employment during the three-month holiday season to over 185 farmworker women. The holiday season is the time of the year with the least amount of farmwork available and a time when families struggle most to pay the rent and provide for their families. The money that women earn through the wreath project goes towards their family’s household expenses: rent, utilities, holiday expenses, warm clothing, and food.

MLP currently makes and distributes 1400 wreaths a year, each of which are sold for $35. Thus far, the project has generated approximately 50% in profit and created 10+ jobs during the holiday season.

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