Gracias! 2016

Since its beginnings MLP has depended on the annual Holiday Wreath Project, individual donors as well as foundations for financial support. This year is no exception as we started off this season we wanted to be more connected to those that have supported us throughout the years and new supporters as well. We held our first official Open House event and had a great turn out.  MLP women were pleased to have guest with us and felt a sense of honor to participate with these supporters. Rebeca Velazquez  executive Coordinator  “I could see how the women in the project felt honored and it made their season even more special to know that people are interested in who they are as immigrants, farmworkers and women. We don’t often get a chance to tell our story or interact with supporters in this very meaningful way. We hope to continue more interaction thought the year” For those of you who missed out on the opportunity of the Open House experience we don’t want you to miss out on the special story of the women who decorate so beautiful the handmade wreaths.

For this reason we have created the page “My Wreath 2016” we invite you to learn a little more about each one of the women who made the very wreath you received.

Happy Holidays!!!

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