Thank you for another great year of wreath sales!!

In 2008, we had a great season, selling over 800 wreaths. We delivered wreaths to supporters from Woodburn, to Eugene, Portland and as far away as Sea-Tac.

MLP would like to thank all of the supporters who purchased a wreath and we hope to see your wreath order again in 2009. A special thanks to our contact people who volunteer to promote MLP wreaths within their Church, organization or labor union.

  • In Seattle, we thank Mr. Jake Saldaña and the Salem United Methodist Church.
  • In Tacoma, we thank Erik Nicholson and Susan Dobkins for wreath promotion and opening their home to our SEA-TAC delivery team with room and board.
  • In Portland, thanks to Marilyn Reed and Bethlehem Lutheran Church.
  • In Eugene, thanks to Marion Malcolm and Mary Bosch.

For the first time this year, MLP set up a web page and a Pay Pal account to take wreath orders via the Internet! We hope to do this again next year.
Again THANK YOU ALL for your continued support year after year for farmworker women.

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